What You Risk Reveals What You value


Thank You TRU – Theater Resources Unlimited for inviting me into your Pathways Series to lead my “Branding And Marketing The Legacy of You” workshop last night! Not only was it the first time I got to lead a group workshop in my new midtown creative space, but I got to interact with some amazingly open minded artists who are serious about making change in the world. Can’t wait to do it again! Here are some of my favorite take-aways:

1) Sales are nothing more than “Getting Your Way”.
2) Acting, Painting, Playwriting: Are only vehicles to deliver a higher purpose. The craft does not define you, the intent does.
3) By building your awareness of what you want to be remembered for it is easier to say “no” to projects – Also its easier to accept projects that may not fit you ideal legacy-projects, but at-least you will know before you accept that gig. 
4) The arts are a service-oriented business. If you think the arts are not about providing service to others, find another industry to be part of. No Joke. 
5) When you do what you love, more of what you love follows. Just the law of attraction – Many Many people have talked about the law of attraction before me. Google It. 

These 5 take-aways may not seem to have a lot to do with The Traditional Marketing you have grown to hate, but they have everything to do with what you are going to bring to the Market. Raising awareness of what you bring to the Market is what real, true, honest marketing is about.

Helping Brand and Market The Legacy Of You,
– Michael

Post Blog Workshop
1) What is your craft
2) How do you serve a higher purpose through that craft
3) What are you currently doing to fanatically make sure everyone knows what is different about the way that you serve others through the arts (Or your chosen profession)?

I was so excited and juiced about last night that I am opening up 1 hour a week in an early evening to work with any artist who wants private coaching in “Legacy Marketing”. Yes, there will be a fee for it, because money and time are both resources, and how you spend your resources indicates what you value. I love to work with people who truly value their legacy. Interested about the conditions? All it takes is an email to me for talk about it more. 

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