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Take action. There are opportunities to inspire others just laying around everywhere you look. Yet, with all these chances to inspire there are still 70%+ people in the American Workforce left feeling blah, uninspired.

Believe me, I know it is super hard to inspire others when you yourself are not feeling inspired. It’s like trying to scratch that super hard to reach spot on your back. It’s nearly impossible.

I hear you when you say “I’m just so drained at the end of the day” and “I hate the people I work with” or “Corporate America is just awful”. My answer is simple. If you are unable to find the key to happiness in your current position now, and say quit your job , you will eventually find a whole new set of things to find wrong in the new job as well. I see this vicious cycle repeat itself every single day…

You may feel yourself ready to transition into something new. You may find yourself wanting to do more for the greater good. You may feel the need inspire other people more. So, if you are going to pivot and make a transition I’m listing a few careers that inspire us every day. These people make DIRECT inspiration every day of their life.

My hope is that you read this list and find you already taking on one or more of these roles and re-discover your DIRECT impact on others. There are opportunities to inspire others in the job that you already have. When you have that Ah-ha! moment it will feel so inspiring, and liberating!

Here’s the list. The careers included are listed because they involve direct interaction with humans every day. There’s a Human 2 Human or H2H element involved.

50 Careers For People Who Love to Inspire Others

1. Teacher

2. Tour Guide

3. Performer

4. Writer

5. Public Speaker

6. Lawyer

7. Human Resources

8. Sales Person

9. Meditation Guide

10. Marketer

11. Politician

12. Delivery Person

13. Therapist

14. Volunteer

15. Rehabilitation Worker

16. Doorman

17. Funeral Director

18. Psychic / Healer

19. Public Service Worker

20. Career Coach

21. Life Coach

22. Fitness Instructor

23. Parole Officer

24. Spiritual Guide

25. Parent

26. Tour Manager: Broadway or Rock

27. Corporate Trainer

28. Flight Attendant

29. Server

30. Masseuse

31. Hostess

32. Doctor

33. Nurse

34. Doula

35. Concierge

36. Matchmaker

37. Director

38. Amusement park ride operator

39. Customer Service Agent

40. Office Assistant / Receptionist

41. Principal

42. Event Planner

43. Speech Writer

44. Veterinarian

45. Event Disc Jockey / Emcee

46. Executive Assistant

47. Sports Coach: Youth or Professional

48. Shop Keeper

49. Dance Instructor

50. Manager

51. Being You (A career choice you can make at anytime in your life)


I’m pretty darn sure you can find a way to inspire others in any field. It’s up to you to find inspiration for yourself first then find how can you bring that inspiration to the current gig that you are doing.

At the end of the day, all these jobs are only vehicles. These are ways to bring your message, your voice, your unique self to the world and inspire others. You may find you have preferred vehicles to use. Just like real travel, some people prefer train over planes, running over bicycling, or pogo-sticks over hover boards. You get to pick which vehicles you want to use to bring your true potential to others…

Know where you would like to go and pick a vehicle, any vehicle to get there.

Fueling The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. How can you inspire more people in your current gig. I love answers, add yours to the comment section below.


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  1. I don’t see printer on there. Google Ben Franklin; talk about inspiration. Where would we be without the publicized written word? Printer are those people who are passionate about spreading the voice of others.

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