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Inspiration as a lifestyle… Means that not only are you yourself wanting live in an inspired state, but you also choose to lead a life designed to inspire and motivate others people as well. You may be out to inspire the world or you might be out to inspire your loved ones. There is no right or wrong when thinking about the scale and reach of your legacy. There is only desire and intention. There will always be people who want to motivate the masses, and there will always be people who want to have a deeper impact on their immediate communities. Both mindsets and desires are important, necessary and resonate deeply into the fabric of humanity.

Do you want to be one of these people?

The desire to inspire and the ability to inspire are two very different things.

Ambition and Ability are two different things, and I think it’s important to recognize that the ability to motivate someone to make change is an acquirable skill. Now, you don’t have to have skill to inspire or motivate someone, but if you want your mission to be that you inspire others, then you will have the come to terms with the fact that the ability to inspire is indeed a skillset.

You may be a blogger, or a practitioner, or a teacher, or a speaker, or a volunteer, and you may be beating yourself up thinking one of these demoralizing thoughts:

“I’m not making enough of an impact”

“My team don’t care as much as me”

“I’m working so hard, but not getting anyone to notice my work”

“The effort of my work and the impact of my work is not the same”

I’m going to codify this for you here.

Here are 6 reasons you can’t inspire or motivate others.

This comes from years and years of content creation, personal experiences and changing my strategies & ability to reach more people.

#1) You yourself are not inspired

How can truly love another person if you don’t love yourself?

How can you give a gift to another person if you are unable receive one yourself?

The same concept goes for inspiration. You may have a strong desire to move people through your art or craft, or leadership, but if you yourself are unable to be inspired, then how will you ever transfer your power to others?

#2) You are not a strong enough of a craftsperson

You may have energy and passion, but without strong craft, how can you convey the message or service you want to? It doesn’t matter if you are a painter or a lawn care specialist or manager or CEO, without proper craft you will not be able to achieve maximum potential in inspiring other people.

#3) You have not figured out your audience

You may be fully charged and a great craftsman, but if your audience doesn’t share the same values as you, your message won’t be heard and your service won’t be used. As Shak, who does the web and graphics work for the Legacy of You said on day one “The Riches are in the Niches”. It’s one thing to want the world to hear your message, but it’s necessary to find who your audience is in the first place.

#4) Your audience doesn’t want to be transformed

You may be passionate, eager and inspired to help people. You may be a great craftsman, you may know who you audience is, but if your audience doesn’t want to change, be moved, or evolve, you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Be careful to lean-on #4 as your out. I’ve seen many lay people blame their audience. It’s like the preacher saying “You weren’t cured because you didn’t have enough faith”.

#5) What inspires you doesn’t inspire everyone in the same way

There are many things that move me that move my wife, but then there are things that we simply don’t share the same levels inspiration from. Different strokes for different folks. You may be on a journey to inspire the whole world. But the blatant truth-bomb is, not everyone cares about what you do or what you have to say. So you get a choice, pick another audience or change your approach.

#6) You are not a good enough of a salesperson

Did you just cringe? Did you just want to stop reading this? Many people hate the idea that they are a salesperson. Especially people who consider themselves an artist or a crafts(wo)man. Guess what? We are all in sales whether you like it or not. Sales = Getting your way. You want people to use your product or hear your music? You need to get your way to do so. You want people to see/hear/feel your message? You got to get your way to do so. In a world where there is an oversaturation of content, to get someone to notice you, or listen to you, or use your invention, you must know how to inspire people to pay attention.

What is Your Legacy-Kryptonite?

Which of those 6 areas is holding you back from inspiring more people? 1,2,3,4,5 or 6?

If something is not going as you envisioned it that means you have to change your strategy in one or more of these arenas.

What are you willing to change?

Codifying The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian



  • In the Comments Section, List your top 3 Legacy Kryptonites from the list above.
  • Take the first step in changing your current strategy on one or more of these top 3.


BTW: I’d love to speak to your team or organization about this topic: Leadership & managment teams, sales teams, front line teams. This is the topic I love talking about day in and day out. So… Shoot me an email now! 

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