Ability vs Ambition - The Legacy of You

There is a difference between Ability and Ambition.

Jordan Matter, who is often on the frequent role model on The Legacy Show, taught me this nugget:

Ambition will always win the long game. Always.

Know anyone who is wildly talented but not pursing their passion? What are they up to?

Know anyone with Ambition but not a lot of Ability? Where are they now?

Who wins in the end? Generally, the person with the Ambition.

Ability guarantees nothing.

Now, imagine, just imagine, one person with great ability and great ambition. Is that someone you?

You have the ability. You know you have the ability, but do you have the ambition to take your ability and turn it into something massive? Of course you do. So the question is, what is holding you back from taking even more action?

This is your moment to enable yourself to #KickAss

Adding More Ambition To The Legacy Of You,

I would love to grow together; please share your answers in the comments section!

  1. What is holding you back from going full throttle?
  2. How can you remove the impediment to allow your ability soar?


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