The Legacy Show #008 - Alone is The New Black - Michael Cedar

Listen to these inspirational speakers from The Legacy Show #008 / ‘Alone is The New Black’

The inspirational Amy Oestreicher (Author, Speaker, Survivor, Detourist); the wonderful Dr. Marcie Beigel (Founder and Behavior Specialist at Behavior + Beyond); the hilarious Jordan Matter (Photographer of NYT’s best-selling ‘Dancers Among Us’); and the always excellent Michelle Hurst (Actress from ‘Orange is The New Black’) – took the stage at LPR to tell us what ‘Alone is The New Black’ means to them and how they got out of, or used, lonely periods in their lives to achieve their highest goals.

The Legacy Show, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a bi-monthly live show in New York City that is based on the content of this blog. It is a quirky take on storytelling events that entertain AND get the listeners thinking about their lives in new ways. The performers and presenters are all people who gave a middle finger to the status quo. If you missed it (or if you want to re-watch any of it again) here are the links to the videos below or the full playlist link here:


Amy Oestreicher

Amy Oestreicher – Author, Speaker, Survivor, Detourist

Amy Oestreicher shares a very encouraging and inspiring story. Her near-death story takes us through her devastating diagnosis of her body’s condition as a teenager to finding ‘amazing’ opportunities and to ultimately finding success. Take a listen!


Dr. Marcie Beigel – Founder of Behavior & Beyond

Dr. Marcie Beigel, a behavior specialist, shares a very introspective story about her life. After she found herself very alone after a break-up, she started to study BEING alone and the fear that comes along with it. She learned how changing some of her actions helped change her outlook. Take a listen!


Jordan Matter – Photographer of NYT Bestselling ‘Dancers Among Us’

Jordan graces our stage regularly and he never disappoints! He tells us how failure played the biggest part in his success. He hadn’t given up on his dream after many failures and then he found his breakthrough. Take a listen!


Michelle Hurst – Actress from ‘Orange is The New Black’

Michelle Hurst, actress most famously from ‘Orange is The New Black,’ speaks about feeling alone in her hospital bed after a devastating car accident and how she overcame. Take a listen!


It’s my utter joy to inspire others to get creative and break down barriers to get to where they can do meaningful work. I hope I get to see you at the next The Legacy Show. Do you know of any speakers who would be good for one of our future events? Do you have a story to tell? Please send an e-mail to me at!

All proceeds from the show went to She’s The First! She’s The First provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders.

Remember: Cute quotes and stories don’t make us successful; action does. Supplement your mind and soul with these stories, but the greatest achievements occur with what you do with the motivation.

Motivating the Legacy of You,

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