Are You Selfish? Am I Selfish?

Are You Selfish?

Ask Yourself: Am I Selfish?

Whatever your talent is, are you using it to serve yourself or to serve others?

Nature gives to that which nurtures:

Serve others and become rewarded.

It’s that simple.

Great talent that only serves the self is a waste of talent.
Imagine how much more you can do with your talent when it is used to serve others.

As you go through your day peppering the world with your own talents, raise your consciousness and ask yourself, “What is the gift I am giving to other people?”. If you are unable to give a tangible answer to this, you may just want to ask yourself “Am I selfish?”

Finding The Servitude In The Legacy Of You,

1. Who are you serving through your “art”?
2. How can you serve even more through your “art”?

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