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Being PRO-ACTIVE means that you do the work before it needs to get done.

Being RE-ACTIVE means that you are doing the work because it has to be done.


Do “the work” BEFORE it needs to get done:



1)   Enter your finances at the end of each week instead of one week before your taxes are due and you are in tech for a show.

2)   Buy toilet paper now, not when you run out…. Ooops….

3)   Deposit the check today, not on Memorial day, when the bank is closed and you need the money to pay the rent.

4)   Empty your trash can when it is ½ way full. Not when it is overflowing and your in-laws are coming over.


1)   Send an email to your cast about the rehearsal schedule BEFORE they ask for it and you lose credability in your company mebers eyes.

2)   Put your festival show’s set together in the rehearsal space BEFORE you get to your 1 day load in+tech+run, through day. (Imagine how much time is saved if you learn you need a sand bag to hold down a set piece BEFORE you get to the venue)

3)   Learn your lines BEFORE you walk into the rehearsal process, not after you lose the job for not knowing your part.


You may say “Duhhhh Michael!” while reading this, but you would be floored how much we all do work we could have avoided if we did it in advanced. If you work in entertainment you more than likely have a full plate of stuff to do. Make sure that you can JUMP into any situation at a moments notice by doing the things you can plan for in advanced!

Some of the tasks above take additional time and money to do in advance, but in the end, if you wait, it will take more time and more money to attend to them in a re-active state.

You have to do all the above things no matter what. The longer you wait, the more likely it will take more time to do them because the tasks get bigger, there are more pressing matters that come up, and your to-do list snow balls out of control.

Your staff, interns, family, partner will hopefully see the benefit in being pro-active. If they do not, you will need to work with them on understanding that being pro-active is  value in your organization or home.



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