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***What’s Your Legacy?***

The Legacy of You, spearheaded by Lead Producer Michael Ian Cedar in 2010,  produces inspirational and educational media targeted towards emerging thought-leaders. Current T-LoY projects include:

**What We’re Looking For**

We are looking for 2 extraordinary people to join our team and assist with all T-LoY client matters including research, social media, and client acquisition. This is a family! We share, celebrate, and nurture each other while working towards building amazing experiences for our clients and ourselves.

You will develop skills that will help you lead in ANY industry.

Are you a confident, quirky, and intelligent person with the deep desire to inspire? Then you already possess some of the most important qualities necessary to keep up with our mission! As a team, we support our clients through organization & planning, customer service, marketing, sales, and (most importantly) through building lifelong relationships.


**Do You Have What It Takes?**

  • Able to commit for 20-24 hours a week, for 3-4 months with possibility of an extension to 5 months
  • Must be based in the NYC-area.
  • Passion for social media (someone who practically lives on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Strong knowledge of pop culture and what is currently trending.
  • Strong writing skills preferred.
  • Fluency across Microsoft Office Suite
  • Proficiency with Adobe CS, especially Photoshop / Illustrator / Premiere
  • Possess creative problem-solving skills. In this position, you will get your hands dirty and be required to make some decisions on your own.

**Social Media Intern**

  • Research industry-related articles, videos, and topics to be posted.
  • Handle administrative tasks regarding pushed content including scheduling, proofing, and editing.
  • Produce social media content.
  • Provide logistical in-person support for all T-LoY live events and productions.
  • Monitor and engage with all social media interactions.
  • Foster stronger relationships with our clients’ audiences.
  • Gather & format detailed analytics regarding social media content.

**Design Intern**

  • Create inspiration-driven creative content to suit the needs of our clients.
  • Produce & Edit high quality videos, posters, and other creative projects.
  • Handle administrative tasks regarding pushed content including scheduling, proofing, and editing.
  • Produce social media content.


This position is compensated on a stipend-basis at $50/week to cover travel.

Academic credit is available for interns of The Legacy of You. If you will not be receiving academic credit for this position, you may still be hired as an independent contractor for $50 per week.

For more information, feel free to explore www.TheLegacyOfYou.com and www.StarQuestDance.com


Custom cover letters or creative ways to submit for this position are encouraged provided that the original contact is through email and the subject line is as requested.

Email: Roy@TheLegacyofYou.com
Subject: “Remarkable Person for Hire Fall 2018 – {your name}
Attention: Roy Patterson, Social Media & Marketing Director

In your introduction indicate:

  • Where you heard about the position.
  • Your availability.
  • Your favorite Instagram Account & why.

Let’s inspire together!