Having A Business Is Only One Decision Away

If an entrepreneur is someone that assumes risk, then all it takes to become an entrepreneur, is to make the decision to become one.

However, assume too much risk and you will be paralyzed by the need to survive and your mission will never have the chance to be fully realized.

If you assume too little risk then you will have little to no momentum and your mission will never have the impact it deserves.

The trick is to figure out how much risk you are willing to take and then you must commit to that level of risk now.

If you wait for the right time, it will never come.
There is no right time.
There is only the right amount of risk.

If you have a story, a song, a message, or an idea inside of you, then you also have the option to bring it to the world to make a difference.

Having a business is only one decision away.

Creating The Business Of The Legacy Of You,


  1. What is something new that you want to bring to life?
  2. How much risk are you willing to take on it right now?
  3. Commit to taking immediate actions right now that assume your level of risk.
  4. Add those actions and the timeline in which you are going to make them happen in to the comments section below!

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