Brene Brown in this amazing TED video on “The Power of Vulnerability” quotes her research professor, “If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist”.

I dig this quote. As a business-minded  soul I love statistics, I love things that can be measured. I can’t manage a staff member that has been told “work harder, work smarter, save more money”. I can manage and reward a staff member that has been told, “Generate 1 financial report every 5 hours, review with me a bullet point list of the next 10 steps you are going to do on the new marketing campaign, reduce spending by 10% and raise income by 5%”. I can manage it becasue it can be measured!

The New Years Fax-Pas:

Many people set goals 3 days ago that can’t be measured. This New Year’s I’m sure there will be a lot of  people setting goals they can’t hold themselves accountable to. Like:

1)   Be healthier

2)   Be happier

3)   Be sexier

4)   Create more

5)   Socialize more


There are really no targets there. Only ideas of what you would like.


Here are some of my measureable goals for 2011:

1)   As a General Partner produce 1 off-Broadway commercial show in NYC

2)   Develop and workshop one show from scratch with one reading (To launch in 2012).

3)   General Manage 1 show in NYC that has a short fun (Festival show)

4)   Maintain a weight under 160 lbs at all times

5)   Post 3 blogs a week dedicate to productivity in the entertainment industry


All items are measurable, I can reflect back at the end of the year and say “check”.


Don't forget to make them real:

Something happens when you write your "measurable goals" down. They are real. So write them.

Also, something happens when you share your "measurable goals" with other people. Your goals are now real and you are accountable for them. People are WATCHING YOU!

If you reading this AFTER the New Year has hit, its OK to go back and change your goals for the year… You can change them at anytime. Just make sure you can measure the updated plan!

Your Turn!

What are your measureable goals for the New Year?  List them in the comments section below… What.. Scared? Don't want to be held accountable… Bring it!


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