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How does my work help others evolve? 

We can’t change the world just the same as we can’t change another person. Who are we to say that the world needs to change? I’m sure there are some people out there that think the world is simply perfect the way that it is.

We can, however, assume that the world is still evolving. Evolution is part of anything that is expanding and living. Evolution has to take place for survival. Evolution of our thoughts has to exist if we want to make it through the day. Science has proven that evolution exists and is here to stay.

By presuming that something needs to change, you are indicating that you see it as broken, while allowing something to evolve indicates that you think it can become better; there is a big difference.

I used to say I want to change people with my work. I used to say I want to change the world, but then I realized that it’s wrong for me to assume people want to change or that others even want the change to happen. It is presumptuous for me to think that my views of what the world should be are better than your views of the world.

People are wired to resist change, so why try to implement change? Seems like a lot of work to me.

It is a gift, though, to give someone the tools or resources to evolve and grow. Let the receiver decide how they can use your work to become a better version of themself.

If your work isn’t helping us become a better version of ourselves, then maybe you should take another look at what you are putting out into the world and evolve it.

How does my work help others evolve?

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