Pissed Off

Part of the art of building your legacy means there will be times you will be PISSED OFF.

Yup. I’m saying it now. I’m even giving you permission! You will be PISSED OFF at times.

And truth is, if you are obsessed like me with bringing something that matters into the world, there will always be obstacles. It’s those obstacles that may make you feel PISSED OFF.

It doesn’t matter if you are a master at the law of attraction. It doesn’t matter if you are known as the sunshine of everyone’s day. It doesn’t matter if you naturally have a high happiness starting point.

If you are reading this, odds are in my favor that you are a human being. Part of being human is that you have a complex and beautiful operating system that comes fully equipped with emotions.

There is nothing wrong with being pissed off.
Allow yourself to feel pissed off.
How you handle being pissed off is a different story (and a different blog).

I know I, personally, have tried during intense times to be stronger than my emotions. I know that I tried to hide the fact that I was PISSED OFF from myself. Turns out, that always backfires; once you hit the mute button on being PISSED OFF, you hit mute on all the emotional channels…and that is not a good thing if you want to do something super important for the world.

All those feelings are what guide you through the uncertainty that comes with doing something unique.

Accepting You Being PISSED OFF About Your Legacy From Time To Time,



THINK: What times were you really pissed off, but you would not admit it to yourself? What did that cost you?

THINK: When was a time you were PISSED OFF and channeled your anger in a destructive way? What did that cost you?

THINK: When was a time you were PISSED OFF and channeled your anger in a positive way? What did you gain?

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