Fulfilment Education

Imagine a class in school called “Fulfillment.”

Imagine that class started in kindergarten and continued through college.

Imagine a world that prioritizes self-awareness over grades.

Why does no class on “Fulfillment” exist in your local school system or university?

Why do we not ask more purpose-driven questions of our younger generations?

Why are grades more important than purpose?

How would you create a class for school children called “Fulfillment?”

How would you start to ask questions about a deeper sense of purpose?

How would you assess self-awareness?

Are you fulfilled in your life now?

Are you constantly asking yourself questions about how to leave behind legacy?

Are you prioritizing purpose over paycheck?

Maybe if we began asking these questions earlier in life, we’d find them easier to answer.

It’s never too late to challenge yourself. Make a change, and break the habits instilled in you through years of participating in a culture built around compliance.


Challenging The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian



  • In what parts of your life would you like to feel more fulfilled?
  • List in the comments section 3 questions you will ask of yourself that will help you uncover a path to progressing towards more fulfillment.

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