Got Problems? Good - The Legacy of You

Nope, that was not a typo. I said it, I hope you are having problems.

Damn, it feels good to say it to you too.

While pursuing your passion,
creating, developing ideas,
bringing on a team of new people,
launching a new project,
growing your business,
Or saying something meaningful for the first time to others out-loud,
You will inevitably face some hiccups along the way.

Good old-fashioned problems.

When you push yourself past a comfortable threshold, you bring yourself into uncharted territory. It’s a place you have never been before because, you are doing something new. The bigger the vision the more problems and rejection you will encounter. So why pursue your passion if trouble lies ahead?

Having problems for the first time may be an indication that you are on the right track to creating something bigger than you have ever brought to the world.

These unexpected problems that come out of growth, I shall call CRAPTASTIC.
It’s crappy that you are having the problem,
But crap, at least you got yourself in a position that the problem is happening.
It’s quite fantastic. Pat yourself on the back.
Most people never get to where you are.
Most people never get to resolve a CRAPTASTIC situation, because they never got themselves far enough to even encounter one.

Keep creating for The Legacy of You,


  1. What situation did you beat yourself up about but looking back it was a CRAPTASTIC scenario…?
  2. What are you doing to prevent that same scenario from happening again.



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