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Who told you you’re not creative???

I visited The Doughnut Project in downtown Manhattan to talk about creativity! The Doughnut Project is a great atmosphere to be in to see how creativity lives in all of us. From their innovative doughnut selections to their entrepreneurial origins full of risk and reward.

Many of us who aren’t so artists, musicians or designers often don’t consider ourselves ‘creative.’ Or we hear from other people that we aren’t creative. But we ALL have the capability to be creative – whether we are teachers, accountants or doughnut shop owners!

Listen to why I believe we can all be creative because we all can be problem-solvers! This is the 11th entry to the Video Blog for The Legacy Of You, by Michael Ian Cedar.

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Michael Ian Cedar - Vlog


Find your creative side for the Legacy of You,
Michael Ian Cedar

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  1. Who told you you weren’t creative?
  2. Let us know what steps you took to prove them wrong?

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