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The Culture Soup Seminar last weekend turned out to be an energetic and interactive success. Since this was the first times I shared this information outside of my own projects, I had no clue what to expect. Here are some of the top hot topics that seemed to charge my guests the most!:

#1) Use "&" – In improvisation, the word AND is used to propel a scene into unexpected and creative directions. Why don't you use AND when interacting with guests? Ask yourself, "What 1 Extra thing can I add to this interaction to make it memorable?".

#2) Just Be A Person – Just because our predissoesors(s) and the guy sitting next to you sounds so "Corporate" doesn't mean you have to. Remember H2H? Keep it human. You are talking to a human, treat them like a human. Don't say it if you wouldn't say it to your crazy grandma. 

#3) Use Catapult Phrases – Which sounds better to you? A) Please hold while I transfer you Vs. B) I'd love to transfer you to the expert on that topic, would you mind holding? – Sets a very different tone, eh?  

#4) The Three Acts of Guest Experiences – Don't forget that loyalty is built in the first act and third act (of service).  The time BEFORE people intact with your product or service and the time AFTER they interact with your product or service are just as important as the product or service itself. 

#5) You Don't Need Permission –  You don't need permission to start treating your customers and guests better. Just start. You are not going to lose the customer. Your not getting fired for being nicer. It takes no additional time or money to set a positive tone. 

Thank you to the 20 passionate people who come to the seminar despite the only snow storm in NYC this year! It makes me feel pretty damn awesome knowing there are others who are just as excited about remarkable care and service as I am. 

Let's keep evoking passion in others through remarkable service!

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