Interview MIchael Cedar + Jess Grippo

Everybody DANCE Now: The vibrant and fun Jess Grippo stopped by the T-LOY offices a few weeks back and at last minute I decided to interview her and get her take on how dancing helps her find her ‘answers.’ I think you’ll really enjoy this vlog!

Dance Into Your Answer

Jess says people often shy away from dance, but she says there’s many benefits – as can be felt when doing her ‘Dance Shuffle Solution.’ She believes the expression that comes out of dancing can break down barriers and bring joy. The physical experience of dance/physical movement releases endorphins (the body’s natural opiates, designed to relieve stress and enhance pleasure), helps with anxiety, depression, and sharpens cognition.

Take a listen to the amazing Jess Grippo below:

The Legacy Show - Thumbnail

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Dancing to the Beat of The Legacy Of You,
Michael Ian Cedar


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