How We React - The Legacy of You

Death, Depression, Politics, and Ignorance

Things will happen in life that you won’t like.

There will be deaths in your family.
At some point while you lead, a member of your team will give you lip service.
Politicians that do not match your values will come and go in office.
You could be affected by chemical imbalances within your body that make you feel out of control.

Maybe you will own a business that has to work through economic adversity.
Or Maybe It’s possible you will undergo a few uncomfortable life changes.

The thing that matters most through all of life’s challenges, however, is your intention, for the universe, for the world, for your community, and for your team. Your intention to serve is what makes you a force to be reckoned with. It is stronger than any outside forces, be they death, depression, politics, or ignorance.

You also need to take into account who you are serving.
The population you serve compounded with your intention is what creates the legacy you leave behind.

Keep marching forward with your intention no matter the climate, no matter what you feel, and no matter the resistance you receive from others. Compromising your intention because things are not perfect is one of the biggest injustices you can do to yourself.

We may not have control over other people, the environment, or our bodies’ current state, but we certainly have control over how we react.

So, react with intention.

Holding onto Your Intention For The Legacy Of You,


  1. Put into one or two words what your intention(s) are as a human.
  2. List two ways you can move through adversity while continuing to keep your intention marching forward.
  3. Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

BTW – Businesses CAN act with intention. Want to talk about how your business or current project can help define what your intention is? Contact me! I’d love to talk to you about it; this is the stuff I geek out over.

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