Death by Tomorrow - The Legacy of You - Michael Cedar

“Tomorrow”, will be the death of what your legacy could actually be.

It is easy to commit to doing it, “Tomorrow”. Especially when there is no one to hold you accountable in the first place. When the dream and goal belongs solely to you, and there is no one else who has any stake on the line, then it’s easy for you to pass the buck off to “tomorrow”.

I’m too upset right now…
That was a crappy day…
I’m just too busy today…
I’m depressed…
… So, I’ll just do it tomorrow.

The diet,
The breakup,
The phone call,
The conversation,
The blog to write …

If you’re happy, or sad, or excited, or pissed… right now is still right now.
And no matter how you are feeling, effort requires effort.
And effort compounds.

Regardless of how you feel about working right now, a day without effort is a day without results. And every day without results is one step closer to doing absolutely nothing meaningful.

Sometimes you just need to lean in and do the damn work.

Carpe Diem.

All for The Legacy of You,

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  1. What are you supposed to start tomorrow that you can move to today?


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