We are in the process of staffing the weekend warriors for
the upcoming dance competition season. In totalYikes 30 positions need to be filled
for the 5 month tour.  This
includes Stage Managers, Merch Managers, Judges Managers, Tour Managers, and
Awards Managers…Lots of people who need to…Manage.

Often I get questions through email, phone calls, and faxes
(Yes… I get asked questions through fax from time to time….I didn’t even know
my efax number was still active…). Here are a sampling of some of the questions
I get:

I send my theatrical resume or my business resume?

you need a cover letter?

there a limit to how many words I should keep my cover letter to?

you like a photo? (Hu?)

should I wear to the interview?


Here is my answer to all of the above questions: “Apply in a
way you would like to represent yourself for this particular position”.

I respect the fact that candidates want to make a home run
for potential employers. Interviewing and applying for gigs can sometimes be an
art into itself. I welcome questions from people who apply. It is important to
me that you feel welcome in any company I am associated with, regardless to if
you are going to be brought on board or not.

There is no magic way to apply for a position. There is no
special outfit to wear. Follow the instructions the company has requested in
the ad, beyond that do what you feel is right. Represent yourself in the light
you would like to been seen.

 If someone hiring does not like you because your cover
letter has 25 too many words, or because you wore your hair up instead of down,
you probably don’t want to work for that individual anyway.

 Also, notice that I don’t use the word “job” in this
message. Call me quixotic, but I want to work for people who love what they do
and consequently get paid for it. That’s not a job, that’s a juicy life.

Go Juice Life….

(This posting dedicated to Randolph Pierson from AMDA, who
painfully taught me the lesson above when I asked in class if I should get a
headshot with or without my glasses on – which I ended up getting both – No wonder
why I’m no longer an actor.)

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