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Video Blog #004: Don’t Be A Hater, Be a Manager

Have something you find yourself Beeatching about a lot?

About your partner?
About a co-worker?
About your kid?
About your new responsibilities?

You have two choices:

    1. Continue to be a hater on the topic


  1. Manage the situation! Be a manager. Take accountability and control


Here, I made a video about it for you:

Far too often, I find people in my personal and professional life complaining about something, with no desire to find a resolution on the situation. Or no desire to understand the situation better. Or no desire to make a change in their own life.

Yup, even I fall prey to an occasional Beeatching session.
And I am lucky that my team or my wife metaphorically slap me back into orbit when they catch me in a doom loop of negative focus.

So… For the moments you find yourself in a Beeatching and hating session, bookmark this video.

Amazing things will start to happen when you make the decision to be a catalyst for change.
Sometimes simply taking the time to understand another person is all it takes.

Don’t be a hater — be a manager!

Taking Accountability For The Legacy Of You,


  1. What in your life are you Beeatching about right now?
  2. Where are you willing to take control and be a manager?

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