The expectation your guests have from you is higher than ever. Before they get to your website, they now expect you to know who you are buying for, what you will want to get them, and give you a few recommendations for things you didn’t think about.

Check out this remarkable service by the amazing website Etsy. With your permission, it connects to your Facebook page and recommends gifts for your friends based upon their interests. – Share this link!

Trippy, right? The internet is watching you… Even when buying your friends some trinkets.

Whether you like it or not, the need for speed, accuracy, intimacy, and customization is here and it is not going anywhere! The people who buy from you do indeed want their minds to be read. You can complain that your customers are lazy; you can whine that they want you to understand them more, but if you are not taking steps now to do so, your competitors are.

Way to go Etsy for making it possible for artists to share their work in an ‘iArt’ world!

Now… How do we make H2H just as intimate?



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