Fuck Fear Role Model #FFear

My #1 F*** Fear Role Model

Fear is an important attribute to our survival as a species.
However, it will prevent more meaningful work from being created than failure ever will, so I say f*** fear.
I also invite you to select your #FFear Role Model.

My #1 F*** Fear Role Model has got to be Jordan Matter.
Most people say only a maniac would try to create art like his.

Early on as I started seeing more of Jordan’s work, I craved to know if he feared anything. So I challenged my own fear by inviting Jordan to speak at The Legacy Show and he accepted my invitation. I actually had the chance to ask him in front of an audience how fear played a part in his journey as an artist.

Here is his answer:

“I find that fear is a good thing. I guess at this point, if I don’t feel a certain fear either of risk or it’s so good that I don’t want to screw it up somehow, then it’s not good enough.”

You can watch the video of his answer here:
Jordan Matter - The Legacy Show

I would like to welcome YOU to the #FFear Tribe. Where we lean into our fears. We allow it to act as our barometer, indicating we are going in the direction of creating some wickedly meaningful work.

Leaning Into the Fear For The Legacy Of You,


  1. Who is your #FFear Role Model?
  2. Tag them with #FFear and a link to their work in the comments section below!

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