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I’ve personally lived it and I often see people living it every day of their own lives: Too much of our happiness is dependent upon X happening.

Here are a few real world examples of X:
• I’ll be happier when I get married.
• I’ll be happier when my divorce finalizes.
• I’ll be happier when I move into the new house.
• I’ll be happier when I can finally afford a new TV.
• I’ll be happier when I have children.
• I’ll be happier when…insert your X here.

I see the same thought processes about X in the workplace.

Examples of X in the workplace:
• I’ll be happier when I quit.
• I’ll be happier when I get a raise.
• I’ll be happier when I have a new title.
• I’ll be happier when I get the corner office.
• I’ll be happier when I start my own business.
• I’ll be happier when…insert your workplace X here.

Though many of these things will bring great relief and comfort when they arrive or when the grieving process passes, they do not guarantee happiness.

Soooo, why the hell not be proactive about your happiness?!

The fastest way to cure your lack of happiness is NOT to just sit there and wait for X to happen because chances are, when X finally does happen, your happiness will only be temporary and will quickly subside.

At the end of the day you cannot count on outside factors to bring you happiness and you certainly can’t run away from yourself either.

Heck, I see it happen to a lot of people here in NYC; they run from coast to coast and country to country and job to job and yet their happiness STILL doesn’t come.

So here is my challenge to you:
STEP 1 – If you are unhappy at your current job, start to focus on the parts of your job that DO make you happy.

Maybe it’s just the paycheck.
Maybe it’s the unique or flexible hours.
Maybe it’s the free wheat thins and tea (which, BTW, we DO have at my office).

Whatever it is, focus every day on those elements of the job that DO give you a sense of happiness.

After a while you will be able to immediately spot the items that bring you happiness and then you will be able to define what DOES give you fulfillment in the workplace.

Step 2 – is to figure out what the common thread amongst the things that make you happy are and then bring those elements to your workplace.

Maybe you will find you like to make customers happy.
Maybe you will find you like helping people.
Maybe you will find you like to help create security for others.

Once you start to determine your happiness triggers, you can bring more of them to your workplace.

Now after you examine all of your happiness triggers, it’s okay if the place you currently work at still isn’t right for you. If you leave because the leader of the project doesn’t share the same values as you or any other rational reason, that is completely understandable! Just don’t quit simply to run away from yourself once again.

Personal history has the tendency to repeat itself. Now is the time to break the cycle by turning your attention to where your happiness actually lies.

If you can’t find your happiness now, there is a pretty good chance you aren’t going to find your happiness later without an attitude shift.

Finding the Detrimental Patterns of The Legacy Of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. List 10 things that make you happy at your current job
  2. What are the common elements amongst those things?
  3. Make a plan of action to achieve more of the things that make you happy

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