Call It A Bagel



The word “selling” got a real bad rap over the past few hundred years.

Selling is nothing more than winning influence.

Getting your friend to help paint your apartment, getting your kids to brush their teeth, selling tickets to a show, selling vacuums, or selling a philosophy and idea…It doesn’t matter; they are all the same thing.

If you don’t buy into what I am saying here, then you might be selling something that isn’t that important enough to you.

You already are constantly selling something, so you might as well start selling something really important to you. If you don’t like the word “sales,” call it something else. I call it “concierge.” When fundraising money it’s called, “development.” Call it whatever you want. (In the great words of the TV show West Wing, “Call it a bagel.”)

Just please make sure you are “selling” ethically, which means only sell something to people who need or want and have the resources to obtain, what you have.

Selling well to someone who doesn’t need or want what you have is pure evil spirited manipulation. That manipulation you associate with the word sales is exactly why you probably loathe the idea of sales in the first place.

So…what flavor “bagel” do you have to offer today?

Finding The “Bagel” Of Your Legacy,

1) What do you “sell?”
2) How can you prove to others what you “sell” is important to them?
3) How can you make “selling” a positive thing?

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