Getting Spanked by Your Calendar - The Legacy of You - Michael Cedar Says Michael Cedar

To-Do lists are just lists… Now calendars? They’re what hold you accountable. Time to get disciplined & spanked by your own calendar.

The most productive people in the world are servants to their calendar!

There’s only so much us individuals can do in 24 hours a day. A calendar will tell you where you are taking too long, or where you are not dedication enough time and so forth.

Listen to why I believe something as simple as sticking to your calendar will make you/your team as disciplined as ever! The tenth entry to the Video Blog for The Legacy Of You, by Michael Ian Cedar.

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Spanking the Legacy of You,
Michael Ian Cedar

In the comment section:

  1. Begin this week add your ‘to-do’ items into your calendar!
  2. Take action.

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