What does good feel like? Brooke Siem and Michael Cedar

Prohibition Bakery owner and Chopped champion Brooke Siem is a very inspirational young chef, entrepreneur, writer and ‘thyme’ traveler. She’s a motivational individual that just follows her inner voice. She currently quit all her day jobs to futher pursue her passion of life! How amazing is that?

Brooke is the personification of avoiding the status quo – listen to my interview with her as she shares her inspirations, dreams and fun stories.

Click here to watch.

Brooke Siem


Listen to your inner voice for the Legacy of You,
Michael Ian Cedar

In the comment section:

  1. What are you most passionate about?
  2. Is the risk in failing in your pursuing too great?
  3. Does the possibility of succeeding in your pursuit fill you with ecstacy?
  4. Will you go for it?

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