Raghava KK TED

With perspective comes…. empathy,
With empathy comes awareness,
With awareness comes self-awareness,
With self-awareness comes creativity,
With creativity comes art,
With art comes love,
With love comes peace. 
The above phrase could be re-written a thousand different ways, but the first words have to be WITH PERSPECTIVE COMES….
With perspective comes the ability for us to evolve socially. . .
With perspective we were able:
Abolish slavery
Give women the right to vote
Grant gay people the right to get married
Laugh at ourselves. 
The more we train ourself and teach others to see and be open to different perspectives, the stronger our choices are, the more opportunities to give are present, and the more chances to connect people becomes evident. 

We are changed when we walk out of a really well crafted show because of our new perspective. 

Does your project give its "audience" perspective? Does it present information in a new way, does it tell a story we never heard before, does It make us reexamine the possibilities of being human?
Check out this amazing 6 minute TED video of artist Raghava KK and how he uses an iPad to tell stories with different perspectives to children.


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