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The always pleasant Colleen Finnegan of stopped by the TLOY offices two weeks back and I decided to interview her and get her take on ‘gratitude.’ She had so many excellent things to share!


Colleen says when we create projects and habits that focus on sharing love and sharing kindness, it collectively uplifts the energy of the world. It puts us all in positive mindsets and the results of such mindsets are limitless. She believes when we show and receive gratitude, we feel better and do better.

Colleen’s ‘Enspirited Projects’ challenges us to a ‘Gratitude Challenge’ – a 30-day commitment where you express gratitude to 30 people which breaks you out of only expressing appreciation to your immediate friends and family. Learn more about it on her website here.

Take a listen to the amazing Colleen Finnegan below:

Colleen Finnegan - Enspirited Projects - The Legacy of You

Follow Colleen’s business twitter page @EnspiritedProj and feel free to tweet her questions and comments.

Leaving a grateful legacy,
Michael Ian Cedar


  1. Write a list of 20 things your grateful for!

Feel free to communicate them down below in the comment section if you’re feeling generous!

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