H2H is Human To Human

Books have been written and blogs have been posted about the difference of “B2B VS B2C” …
Go ahead.. Google it

B2C = Business-to-Consumer


B2B = Business-to-Business

To me it all boil down to an even simpler concept:

H2H = Human-to-Human

I recently switched to a different vendor to create rhinestone tank tops for the StarQuest Dance Boutique. The switch occurred because the Human-2-Human relationship was more powerful with the new vendor, despite the fact that their product was a higher price. I will save money in time, shipping, and mistakes, because the human on the other end understands my personal needs as a buyer.

When I need to purchase a new shiny domain name for my next venture I go to GoDaddy.com. I go to GoDaddy.com because Bob Parsons is a business genius. He offered a product that is low in price with the best customer relations in the market. I know without a doubt that if I have a domain need, I can call up the GoDaddy.com geeks and they stay on the phone with me until I am happy! The people on the phone treat me like I am their best friends, and because of this, I tell my best friends to shop there.

Yes, I order on Amazon often because they have a fantastic price, but I also go straight to Amazon as my “go to cart” because I know it was designed to be simple. A human had to design the infrastructure and a human had to create the reliability of the service. When I log on, it knows my history and what I may be looking for next. No it is not true H2H, but H2H was clearly a consideration in the programming.

I go to the corner deli for my chicken tacos at lunch. Not only are they tasty and conveniently located, but their staff knows me, my quirks, and that I like my taco shell extra crispy…

People! It’s about being Human. Whether I am on a computer, on a phone, or in front of your punim, I want certainty in what I am getting, I want my needs be understood, and I want to enjoy life. All three elements require a Human or two somewhere in the equation.

As a species, over the past 2 centuries we have conquered industrialism, technology, and information. Somewhere along the lines we lost a few of the human elements. The human part is the next step to packaging together our last 200+ years of work.

In our new Thank You Economy age, Those who don’t include the H2H will survive just as long as those trying to last without H2O.

2 thoughts on “H2H = Human-to-Human”

  1. Great thoughts here Michael! Customer service has grown to be an incredibly important factor and yet at the same time something of a lost art (see: every experience with differing airlines). Everything we deal with was established by other humans, so to put the consumer first and foremost in design and execution makes all the sense in the world!

  2. Indeed Jordan!
    I once saw a bumper sticker on a truck that said “If You Own It, A Truck Got It There…” I don’t know why that stuck with me. The same goes with Human Relations… If you are doing it, a human is involved somewhere. I entered live entertainment because of the relations with other humans!
    Cheers to keeping it H2H

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