Friends Don't Let Friends Set Measureless Goals.

How You Can Help Others Set Resolutions

How can you help others set resolutions this New Year?
The answer is actually quite simple.

1. Make sure their resolutions are measurable.
2. Set check in points with them NOW.

It’s easy to set goals like these:
• I will lose weight.
• I will be happier.
• I will be a better friend.
• I will learn new things.

It’s a bit harder to set goals like these:
• I will lose 5 pounds a month for the next 4 months.
• I will write 3 things I am grateful for every day.
• I will call each of my 20 closest friends once a month.
• I will read one book on sales a month.

The reason the first set of goals is easier is because they are only concepts. The problem with those goals is that there is no way to know when you have reached them. To make something real, you have to have a tangible outcome; it needs to be something you would be able to record or measure.

So as you go around the room stating everyone’s resolutions this New Year’s Eve, be the responsible friend:
1. Don’t let them drink and drive.
2. Make sure they set measurable resolutions.

Wishing a Happy New Year to the Legacy of You and Your Friends,

1) Actually do the steps above.
2) Let me know how setting your resolutions this year go! Put ’em in the Email or Comments Section Below


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