The Church of Work - Honor The Prep Work


We love to make things happen.

We have all these great ideas, and we want them all to become real.

We want our dreams to take off and soar.

We want to inspire people.

We say we are willing to work for them, so we start.

But then we realize: It takes a lot of work to get things done correctly.
Real work…
Smart work…

All that work takes time.

All that work brings you one step closer to your dream — but that dream is not guaranteed.

So it becomes easy to give up.
Once the work to make your dream come true becomes realized, and you are required to shed some real sweat-equity, you may want to abandon ship and lose yourself to your inner voice:

“This is too much.”
“There is no way I will get this all done…”

Now is the time to Honor the Prep Work.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

But you are not everyone.

You are a mother f’n beast. And you know it.

Honor the Prep Work. It’s part of the path. 

See you at the Church of Work.

Honoring The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share your answers in the comments section!

  1. What project did you cease working on because it was going to take too much sweat-equity?
  2. In what ways can you get back to honoring the prep-work?


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