Provoked Luck

My favorite definition of the word luck is “Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets Opportunity.”

I’ve seen so many incredible people around me seem to have amazing luck. Now I don’t find it any coincidence that these individuals with heightened luck also work really hard and really smart, are really motivated fighters willing to fail and always on the search to make themselves better. They practice more, they create more, and they push the limits more often. So it seems to be they’re constantly provoking luck. They’re not waiting for luck to happen, they’re asking it to happen. I read in a Harvard Business Review article the other day that really good sales people rely on luck a lot, but really good sales people also create their own luck: they make more calls, they create better content, they connect to their clients better, they force themselves to stretch.

So today is a Legacy day. Use it. Go out there and provoke luck. Prod it in the face. Push it around a little bit. Get dominant. Get aggressive.

Get Lucky!

Provoking Luck For The Legacy Of You,

1) When was a time you could have provoked luck?
2) What work can you set in place to be sure luck is kept on your side in the future?

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