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Seriously, Happy New Year!

Today, I don’t care as much about your personal goals.
I care more about your goals for other people.

Let me explain.

I care so much about YOUR legacy that it hurts my head. It keeps me up at night. I walk down the street thinking about you and your legacy…and the legacy of that guy you saw earlier today and the girl you saw yesterday…

I have failed to hit many of my goals in the past. It was never because I didn’t plan well enough or didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted. I failed because I didn’t help others plan or didn’t help others have just as clear of a picture as I had in my head.

Most of the time it requires the help of others to have your goals come to full fruition. Be it family, colleagues, other business people…sometimes it’s complete strangers!

So…it’s the first day of a brand “New Year.” I’m going to save the academics of goal setting for later this year.

For today, I simply want you to get in the mindset of how important other people are to you fulfilling your legacy. You will need the help of people you like, and honestly, there is a possibility that you will even need the help of people you don’t like. Either way, no one else is in your head and you cannot expect them to be. So help them! Take the extra moment to paint a clearer picture of your expectations. What do you expect from them? What should they expect from you?

As simple as it sounds, setting goals for others is a hard habit for many to form, but once you dig it, it gets easier and easier and your goals become more and more real.

Over the next 365 days are you willing to take the challenge with me to more clearly state what you want from others?

You have set your goals. Now, don’t you think it’s time to set your goals for others?

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