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I am on a journey; I am building a team of people around me, who helps me send my message out to the world.

My job is to inspire people to do meaningful work. What is yours? If you aren’t sure yet, that’s OK.

We both have our life purposes; they may be the same or completely different. Mine isn’t any more important than yours; we are equals. The point is, if we commit to helping the greater good (leaving no one worse off than before), we are working towards making the world a better place.

If you start to think “my mission is better than your mission,” then perhaps it’s time to sit with yourself a little longer and try again. My energy-focused friends would say that your chakras are blocked. I would say that that you’re not quite ready to be out there in the world with your message. If you’re coming from a place where we are all equals, then proceed.

You have more power than you probably think you do.
There are things you believe in and you should create or join a tribe who share your values.

Ask Yourself These Questions:
• Who are the people you are looking to help?
• How many people do you want to serve?
• Are you local or are you global?
• Are you acting as a family or a corporate entity?
• Are you catering to children or to adults?
• Are you in the spotlight or are you backstage?

You are a warrior.
Stop thinking of life as a job or a chore.
You are on a mission. It’s time to start walking the walk.
And it’s okay for your mission to change, a day from now or in the coming years. Evolution is necessary.
It’s okay to not know what your mission is going to turn out to be. Once you start asking yourself questions you will begin over time to become more and more clear on you mission.

The neat thing about being human is that there are many other humans looking to connect. There may be others out there looking to do the exact same thing as you. Build your tribe.

Your unique set of circumstances, upbringing, and views is what will determine your tribe and which tribe you lead.

Connecting Others To The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. How would you like to serve others?
  2. Will you join a tribe or will you create one?
  3. How can you create your mission and still support all human beings?


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