Immerse Yourself in Rejection - The Legacy of You - Episode 12 - Michael Ian Cedar

As humans, we’re programmed to avoid rejection.. to avoid risk.

We naturally want to stay safe and never leave our comfort zones. But NOW is the time to reverse engineer our biology and make amazing things happen!

Here I am talking about ‘rejection’ at The Pit in NYC! They were friendly enough to let Me do a video blog before I interviewed Ali Farahnakian, veteran comic and founder of The Pit.

This is the 12th entry to the Video Blog for The Legacy Of You, by Michael Ian Cedar.

Click here to watch.

Immerse In Rejection


Find your creative side for the Legacy of You,
Michael Ian Cedar

In the comment section:

  1. What’s one thing that you’ve been putting off for fear of rejection?
  2. Go do that thing!

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