Social Media Week - #SMWNYC

Inspiration and Insight from Social Media Week – New York #SMWNYC

Today’s guest blogger, is the first guest blogger this site has ever seen! Welcome Shak Syed! Shak is the Digital Media Director here at The Legacy Of You. He is the reason this blog has a new look that knocks my socks off! After the two of us went to Social Media Week here in NYC, Shak was “uber” excited. So I asked if he would write about his biggest take away from the experience… Take it away Shak!

Last week I spent my days at Social Media Week here in New York, both at the Times Center building and the SVA theater. The two venues split the share of informative sessions that gave the attendees all sorts of insight into how bigger companies managed their social media presences. From platforms like Facebook and Snapchat to messaging services such as WhatsApp and Line, experts from within shared stories on how they overcame issues, took advantage of certain resources and elaborated on everything that worked for their social media marketing campaigns.

Besides the utilitarian knowledge bestowed upon us audience members, I found the event surprisingly inspirational…

social media week ny

You May Already Be On The Right Path

So the first thing that had me feeling great was the fact that we at The Legacy of You know and implement (as much as we can) strategies that were shared repeatedly by the panels. ‘Make good and relevant content to your brand,’ ‘have fun,’ and ‘measure what posts are working and do more of it,’ were very common themes all week. If you think you can be doing any of these things better, do it better! These are tried and tested methods that are working for some of the largest companies in the world and they’re free to implement. And for most small businesses, FREE is a word that elicits tingling sensations. If you’re already doing these, you’re on the right path – good job. Now the next step would be to increase your capability in completing these methods more efficiently.


The ‘platformization’ is here! Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are where more action happens for your brand than even your own website. This may seem obvious to many, but many don’t do anything with that information. Optimize and repurpose your content for all these different platforms.

social media week ny
Toby Daniels, CEO of Social Media Week with NYTimes CEO, Mark Thompson.

If your brand caters to young people, being on Snapchat is a no-brainer. But even if you’re not necessarily for the teenie-boppers, being on Snapchat is smart. Those Snapchat stories really humanize your business and that connection you’ll create will pay dividends later if not right away.

Now For The Inspiration

I mentioned earlier that the event was an inspirational one. Besides the valuable information, many of the panelists there were successful people that followed their dreams. Inspirational individuals that chose the path that best served their inner callings. Most were doing what they loved because naturally they had the choice of which space they wanted to enter/disrupt.

Alex Blumberg of Gimlet Media formed a solid team to produce quality podcasts; he understood early on that podcasts allowed the listener to connect with the protagonist/narrator more so than TV or cinema allows. Similar to how a book is often said to be ‘better than the movie,’ podcasts allow the listener to imagine the characters and environment in their minds (always better than they’re portrayed in their cinematic adaptations! Am I right??).

The ’30 under 30′ panel introduced us to millenial Josh Bruno, ‎Co-Founder & CEO at Hometeam. Powered by compassion, Josh saw the need to move home care forward, improving the lives of families and caregivers through the power of technology. He quit his well-paying investment job to pursue what he cared about most.

To be a successful entrepreneur you need loads of passion. Passion to carry on even when obstacles appear out of nowhere, seemingly everyday. These people forged ahead. And best of all, they lived! What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t think you can do it, you won’t.

Shak Syed

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