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I choose Inspiration as my lifestyle

I love being responsible for helping people get into a state of inspiration.
I love hearing someone talk about their passion and watch them come to life.
I love seeing people desire to make changes in their lives and taking the actions to do so.

I know many other people who share this craving to inspire. They, too, relish in inspiration, and creating a positive impact on other people’s lives. They do everything they can: Give to charity, mentor, teach, create art, manage businesses – Yet many are not reaching their full potential to inspire others. From my observations, one of the core reasons their potential to inspire others isn’t being reached is because they themselves are not in an inspired state of mind.

Inspiration as a lifestyle must start with the self-first. Period.

You can’t truly inspire someone else until you can offer your own spirit inspiration first. Even if you do manage to inspire someone while not feeling inspired yourself, you will never be able to receive the richness and depth of that moment unless you yourself are already in an inspired state of mind.

Think about inspiring others like the ripples on a pond.

When you throw a pebble into a still pond the ripples keep growing outward until they reach the farthest bank. But, for the largest ripples to happen, there must be an initial one, and that ripple is the first at the source itself. Without that ripple at the source, there will be no exponential impact on the rest of the pond.

You got to start on yourself first.

I bet you know multiple people who want to make positive change in the world who have yet to reach their full potential to do so. Their intention is pure. They strive for it every day, yet they themselves are not happy. They are not connected to their own spirit; they are not inspired.nevertheless, they persist. They make life-long careers out of a desire to inspire other people. They give and give and give, but they themselves never receive full gratification for their efforts.

Now, I’m not saying that to inspire yourself you should surround yourself by Successories. I’m not saying go out and take a Tony Robbins 3.5 day workshop. What I am saying is everyone, depending on their unique blueprint and spirit, gets inspired in different ways.


Seek the opportunities that will help YOU grow as a spirit.
Seek the opportunities that will help YOU connect to others and your source.
Seek the opportunities to love more, regardless to any differences.
Seek the opportunities to contribute to something meaningful to you.
Seek the opportunities that make you feel alive.

Everything I have experienced, all the role models I have spoken to, and everything I have read about inspiration, growth,and spirit, keeps bringing me back to the fact that this quest is indeed a life long journey. As we become inspired we evolve, as we evolve we grow as spirits. You will keep looking and seeking these opportunities and answers until you leave your body. After that, I have no clue what happens, but I do know that what you did while you lived a lifestyle of inspiration becomes your Legacy and Legacy never dies.

If you think you are too young, I don’t want to hear about the fact that you haven’t lived enough to know how to look for inspiration. If you think you are too old, I don’t want to hear about how it’s too late for this search. If you are too busy or too stubborn or too complacent being uninspired, get over yourself and give yourself permission to become the person that you have the potential to be.

You can change to Inspiration as a lifestyle right now. Today. At any point in your life, and during times of adversity. The only way to make a lifestyle change is to make the choice to do so and act on that choice.

The best part about choosing inspiration as a lifestyle is it will encompass all aspects of the person you strive to be:

Confidence & Faith




A connection: To self, source, others, and your physicality

Evolution and growth

As it goes with any lifestyle choice, there will be challenges along the journey that have us fall off the wagon. Leading any lifestyle is a practice, not an end result. As with any practice you may slip into some old patterns. Don’t be hard on yourself when you haven’t mastered your practice. Find the opportunity to grow more and every day will be a new part of your journey.

Building the Lifestyle of The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share your answers in the comments section!

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