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There are so many people in the world. Look outside: walk through a mall, drive your car on a highway, go to a concert.

There are literally millions of people out there and they are all looking for a connection one way or another.

Aren’t we are all looking for someone or something to give us something to believe in?

Who do you find yourself normally connecting with? Are you the person who can connect to just about anyone or do you have a specific “type” you find yourself coaching or mentoring repeatedly?

What is your gift? Are you the person who can make anyone feel less lonely? Are you the person who can give someone a voice?

I want to make sure that at the end of your hour, day, week, month, year, or life, you are setting yourself up to leave something monumental behind. That monumental thing can be for your children, family, community, country, for all of mankind, or just for yourself.


Are you an Emerging Thought Leader? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you indeed have Thought-Leader capabilities:

  • You want to make a difference (even if you don’t know how to, yet).
  • You have ideas that you want to bring to life.
  • You want to keep growing.
  • You love helping others grow.
  • You want to save the world.
  • You know you have more to offer.
  • You feel like you have a voice stuck inside of you.
  • You are never satisfied.
  • You are willing to look in the mirror.
  • You know you are a unique human being.


So if you are not leading others already, now is the time to emerge. Come out. You just need to take your thoughts and get them out there in the world.

Eventually people will click, people will follow… But consistency is key. There is no room for being a hypocrite as an emerging thought-leader. The way you live, the places you work, the people you surround yourself with, they all need to be in line with the thoughts you believe in and want to share with others.

Get in the habit of sharing your thoughts. Get comfortable with conflict and rejection. And get out there and lead.

My question to you… How can I help you get that voice out? What’s your next move?

Emerging The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. What are the thoughts you want to share with others?
  2. What will you do today to share those thoughts?
  3. Take action right this second. Even 1 small action.


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