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The Law Of The Ampersand

When I work with my front line teams on projects I drill home the Law of The Ampersand with them.

Customers, guests, and audiences are all happy with satisfactory service. Do the job right and people will be satisfied.

HOWEVER…do the job AND THEN SOME and then you create a feeling of specialness for your clients/guests. Doing the job AND THEN SOME makes your clients/guests spread your product through word of mouth. Doing the job AND THEN SOME ripples good mojo throughout the world.

Here are a few simple examples for you to let resonate:

– A stranger asks you for directions to the subway, so you point out the direction AND walk them to the corner, so they can see the subway = Cost Free.

-A friend buys a ticket to your show, so you hand write a thank you note and put it in the envelope at will call = Cost Free.

– A customer mentions how many hours they’ve been shopping in your store, so you bring them a bottle of water = Costs 50 Cents.

-An investor provides money for your project, so you mail a mini Snickers bar to them with a card that says, “How sweet to have you as part of the project” = Costs 75 cents, including postage.

I have seen many businesses with a good product disobey the Law Of The Ampersand and suffer for it. Vice-versa, I have seen many businesses with mediocre products obey the Law Of The Ampersand and thrive from it.

Of course the ultimate WIN that magazines write about and the media talks about is when a business that has great service also gives a great ampersand.

Not only does the Law Of The Ampersand create great momentum for your brand, it is also just the right thing to do as a human being.

Ampersands create positive surprise.
Positive surprise gets people to say, “WOW!”
“WOW” gets more business, even if someone is trying to undercut you.

Giving An Outstanding Ampersand To The Legacy Of You,

1) When is the last time someone used the Law Of The Ampersand on you?
2) When was the last time you used the Law Of The Ampersand on someone else?
3) Where else can you use the Law Of The Ampersand?


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