Dr. Marcie Beigel And Michael Ian Cedar

One of the most remarkable friendships I have build over the last year is the one I have with Dr. Marcie. When I met my Fiancé a about two years ago, I also met her childhood friend Dr. Marcie! Isn’t it great how birds of a feather flock together… Surround yourself with people you like and more will follow!

Hands down Dr. Marcie Beigel will be someone you see on Oprah and Marie Forleo one day. It has been really fun watching her passion make an impact on the world as each day passes and seeing her following grow.

She is a Behavioral therapist specializing in Small Beings (Known to many in the world as “children”). Her practice is called Behavior And Beyond and she has an extremely well kept blog that adds value to any parent’s life.

One of the things that she and I geek out about about all the time is how raising a child at home and leading a team in the workplace are based on the same principals. Every time I read one of Dr. Marcie’s blogs, It hits me, “WOW! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME THING”.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you know I often write about the power of focus. Dr. Marcie and I recorded a quick 7 minute video on the topic. Yes, the conversation revolves around raising a child and setting the values of your family, but what is most interesting to hear is that the concept we talk about ALSO works for creating a team, raising your awareness, developing a brand, or making an impact.

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The Babysitter of Your Legacy!


– What One “color” will you focus on today?

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