Legacy Is A Choice - Michael Cedar

Actually… Legacy is a result.

But for the result to occur some sort of action needs to take place — by you. You have choices; decide and then act on them to get a result. Your legacy will begin to unfold from there.

Sure, you can say you want to create world peace, eradicate hunger, create a vaccine, be a more supportive partner, live to see equality, or improve the education system. But saying what you want to have happen will not be what you are remembered for in the long run.

Your legacy is going to be about all you have accomplished. You will be remembered for the CHOICES you made and the actions that backed up those choices.

Taking Actions Towards The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. What do you want to see for the world, your community, or your family?
  2. What choice will you make today that will create action that backs that dream up?
  3. Add it to the comments section. You know I love your vulnerability.


2 thoughts on “Legacy is a Choice”

  1. I want to see a world where joy prevails. I want to see people have a conscience. I feel far too many people are cynical
    and negative and they don’t seem to believe that life is good. I miss the days when people just gave you the benefit of the doubt until you gave them reason not to. I want a world where people don’t lie easily and frequently and actually end up believing what they say. There is a strange cloud over us that wants to believe the worst, not believe someone is sincere, and just live in a world with a TMZ mentality.
    I try to look people in the eye. Too many people seem afraid to look you in the eye. There is a little boy in the classroom I work in (I am a medical paraprofessional, also known as the mom on duty) that reacts in a way that makes me sad. If I look at him and he catches my eye, he says, “what?”. It’s almost like he thinks I’m suspicious of him. He will ask me, “why are you looking at me?”. I always answer, “Because you are in front of me and my eyes are open.” It makes me sad that his reaction isn’t just to smile and say hello.
    I will continue to look people in the eye and say hello. I always initiate a conversation whether I know someone or not. I like to make people laugh and it is a daily goal I’ve had since I was a small child. There is something about laughing with someone that is almost intimate and can make you feel a kinship. I think the congress and the senate should be forced to watch I love Lucy or the three stooges before they are allowed to vote on anything. We need to lift this cloud. Life is short and there are lots of things we can’t avoid. I see no reason to create misery. Joy is a choice. Spread the word.

    1. “I think the congress and the senate should be forced to watch I love Lucy or the three stooges before they are allowed to vote on anything” = Best statement ever. They could just bring in a projector and show a few clips….. Thanks for your thoughts on this Rosemary! Lets keep making Joy a choice. xo

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