Michael Ian Cedar - I Live To Inspire Other People

I Live to Inspire People

My entire life, I always knew I wanted to inspire people.

Inspire people to feel.

Inspire people to lower their inhibitions.

Inspire people to create something important.

Inspire people to do meaningful work.

Once you identify your driving actions, your “why,” it’s easy to select what work is meaningful to you and what work is not.

HOWEVER, even while creating meaningful work, there will still remain the “work that needs to get done.” Even if it’s not your favorite, that is the work that is necessary in order to get to the fun & meaningful work.

Time is the great equalizer.

We each only have 24 hours in a day.

Even Beyoncé.

This is your reminder to use as much time in your 24 hours to do the meaningful work.

That is how we leave behind a #KickAssLegacy.

Your Personal Legacy Reminder,



  1. List in the comments section below some of your driving forces (i.e. to Inspire, to Help, to Cultivate).
  2. List the things you do now to use your driving forces. Add it to the comments section!

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