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I recently vacationed on Easter Island, located in the South Pacific Ocean 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile. If you had to guess, you’d probably say my biggest take away would be something about the mysticism of the culture or the magic of the island itself. Though I have walked away from my trip with more questions than before I went, the one thing I know I learned is a sorcerer’s delight:

Easter Island Honeymoon 2.0I experienced how to slow down time.

No, it wasn’t because Easter Island has a different gravitational pull; it was because I was in a part of the world that had next-to-no phone or Internet service.

It’s been proven by science time and again that all the technology we surround ourselves with make it almost impossible for us to ever be fully present.

Every time we become distracted while in a state of focused flow, it takes a minimum of 15-25 minutes to get back into that same place.

By giving myself permission to disconnect from all my distractions for the entire duration of my trip with Lauren, my wife, I found time actually felt thicker and moved slower.

Now that I am back in #HustleMode though, here are a few things I will continue to do to keep my time thick and slow:

  • Organize my time. Set priorities for tasks and place the time to complete them on my calendar immediately.
  • Remove distractions more often. Place my phones on do not disturb, close Skype, and let other people take on the distractions during my scheduled time.
  • Allow myself the indulgence of saying, “No” or “Not right now” more often. It turns out the world keeps turning, even when you put things aside.

Now, I get it; there will always be distractions. If you are a parent, you can’t ignore your child who grabbed the cast iron pan you just made seasoned tofu in and if you are a manager, you can’t ignore the employee who just told your largest client to go screw themselves.

The goal here is to eliminate your distractions as much as possible, organize your time like it’s a shoestring budget, and then romance your work instead of offering it only a portion of your attention.

Learning how to romance the work through slowing time, that is my biggest take away from my trip to Easter Island.

Romancing The Legacy of You,

I would love to grow together; please share any of your answers in the comments section below!

  1. When was time thickest for you? When did it move slowly and in a state of flow?
  2. List what those moments had in common in the comments section
  3. List how you can duplicate that focused flow in other areas of your life in the comments section!


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