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I’ve had a bunch of people tell me recently that they want to do more meaningful work in their lives. Well the good news is they’re talking to the guy who’s devoted himself to a lifestyle of doing meaningful work. As a matter of fact, it’s my obsession to do meaningful work, and it’s my obsession to help other people do more meaningful work.

Here’s the solution I’ve come up with to doing more meaningful work:

  • Define what “meaningful work” means to you! Is it helping others? Is it creating? Is it nurturing?
  • Find an organization that can fill your desire (Or start something yourself).

For those of you who want to serve and create for others, I have got an opportunity for you to do some seriously meaningful work.

I’m the lead producer for StarQuest, a touring performing arts competition. Starting in Late January, for 17 weeks, through four separate tours, in 65 US cities, StarQuest will be providing over 40,000 dancers under the age of 20 a safe environment to challenge themselves to be better artists and people.

Now, there’s no way something of this scale can be done with just a few people. It takes an entire creative army. Each season, January through May, we hire 43 road warriors, 4 truck drivers, and about 80 judges.

This season, we’re looking for everything from masters of ceremonies, to awards tabulators, to merchandisers, to camera operators. I’d like to invite you on our journey to do meaningful work around the country in 2018.

There’s a reason I’ve been doing this since 2001, and I’d like to show you.


We’re hiring out of New York City, Chicago, and Raleigh. If you or someone you know wants to bring themselves to the table to do something incredible and to make a difference around the entire country for literally tens of thousands of people, check out this link here. The Road Warrior career page password is “Warrior1”

When you apply, make sure you mention that you heard about the job (gig) through me.

Want to know what it’s like to do this kind of meaningful work at this scale? Click that link to watch a video and to read a bunch of information. This is a gig that will change your world. You will build a brand-new network of peers and a new set of skills.

And I’m not going to paint you a false rose-colored picture of the gig here. It’s hard work. The work may be meaningful, but the not-so-sexy work is part of the game too. Long hours, ever-changing conditions, mentally challenging WORK. But now that I say this ‘out loud’, I don’t know of any meaningful work that doesn’t come with a big Everest sized mountain to climb.

And isn’t that what this limited time we have on earth is all about: doing meaningful work with the bodies and the souls that we’ve been given no matter the challenges?

Perhaps this is the gig for you. Maybe this isn’t the right gig. Maybe your home circumstances make it a wee bit challenging to take a job and hit the road. Whatever you do, StarQuest or not, I want to hold you accountable to find more meaningful opportunities in your life. Maybe that is through your local school, your religious institution, a charity, a local business with soul – Perhaps even a business not so local to you? Search for the opportunity, explore it, and be a role model for the world, show everyone that it is indeed possible to live a life that leaves behind a brilliant legacy through your work.

See you on the road to The Legacy of You,
Michael Ian


1) Check out the gig & apply if you think its right
2) Send me a job listing to a gig you know will bring meaning to someone else. I’ll list it in the blog.


I’ve been look to speak to more high school & college students to talk about the Pursuit of Meaningful work. Shoot me a line if you are interested in having me come and visit.

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