Meet Michael
My name is Michael Ian Cedar.

Since I was 8 years old, I became obsessed with the concept that we can choose to feel good, we can choose the way we react to the outside world, and we can choose to build a life that is fulfilling to us on our own individual desires.

I thrive on helping my clients, followers, family, and friends find their life’s purpose and learn to live it fully! Let’s chat about how living your purpose is an easy step that gives you the most fulfilling life possible.





 “It was an absolute joy working with Michael as we assembled very valuable and meaningful content for our shared listening audiences. I highly recommend you reach out if your mission is aligning an authoritative leader with high skill, knowledge and presence which will deliver a truly enduring message for your community.” 

– The Light Inside Podcast


“Michael was an absolute pleasure and delight to collaborate with. He shared some valuable on-topic insight using his unique sense of humor and his empathic vulnerability. He has become our most downloaded episode!” 

– Anxiety And The Artist


Podcasts I Have Been On

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Producer, Executive Coach & Leadership Expert, Michael Cedar

Why Happiness Isn’t a Choice

Finding Meaning in the Present Moment with Michael Ian Cedar


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My Background

I am a leadership and life coach, skilled facilitator and keynote speaker, with 20 years of experience helping clients bring their professional and personal lives into alignment.

As the company manager for Broadway musical bus and truck tours that took shows to 130 cities a year, I excelled at bringing together diverse groups of creative people, in a high-pressure environment with little margin for error.

I then honed my leadership, management, and people skills through my work on the producing team of StarQuest, the nationally touring dance competition. My passion for developing other leaders led StarQuest to quadruple its business into a 65-city tour that now annually hosts over 40,000 performers who are pursuing their passion in life.

Now, you can find me running my Facebook Group called “The Gratitude Slam” where we practice Gratitude and seek to make it a habit. I also run the “Life On Your Terms” Group Coaching program where I help others find their purpose and learn how to live it fully.


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