Focus on only one thing.
Avoid interruptions.
Commit to something.
Get lost in it.
Let others know you are going to get lost in it.
Set a timer.

I call this, “I’m working out of the coffee shop.”

Sometimes I will literally go to a coffee shop and leave my phone off.

Sometimes I just post a sign outside my office that says, “The Coffee Shop,” and close the door.

Ironically, I don’t even drink coffee… (Maybe I should call it “The Tea Shop”…)

When I must generate something great, I have to remove all distractions. Focus on one thing. Not text messages, not the ding of the e-mail, not a friend or team member asking a question.


Isolating Distractions, So You Can Focus On The Legacy Of You,

1) What one thing would help you excel towards closure on a project if only you had some isolated time to work on it?
2) How much time will you need?
3) When are you going to “The Coffee Shop?”

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