Michael Ian Cedar

Hey there! I like your hair style today! Its fantastic! You must feel great about  yourself right now!

My name is Michael Ian Cedar

Since I was 8 years old I became obsessed with the concept that we can choose to feel good, we can choose the way we react to the outside world, and we can choose to build a life that is fulfilling to us on our own individual desires!

There are several things that fuel me like no ones business. I bet you want to know what those are:

Food (Especially Soup) – And other sensory experiences that make me feel alive,
Creating environments where I can help others feel less inhibited,
Being present when someone becomes inspired.
Sustainable and ethical business,
Really amazing art and entertainment.

So… This blog was created to share my journey and life education with YOU!

Want a little pep talk reminding you of your passion? Want a little motivation to get through the rough patches? Want to get in the habit of being inspired?  Sign up!