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It’s really fascinating how much fear holds back greatness from materializing. The truth is, when you actually hold the “F-word” up to the light, it really isn’t scary anymore.

Last week I wrote a blog about fear for you, and it got a lot of conversations going, so this week I made a video called ‘Lean in to the Fear!’

Watch it below:

There are two fears to differentiate between:

  1. The fear of being compromised. The fear of seeing a man holding a knife walking towards you and thinking, “That doesn’t seem safe.”VERSUS
  2. The fear of the unknown. The fear of taking the next steps. The fear of being uncomfortable in the face of unfamiliarity.

The first fear is pretty legit. That fear has kept us humans alive for thousands of years. We need those instincts to keep us safe from predators and boiling pots of water.

Then there is the second fear. That fear is there to push you to create something great. That is the fear that helps us evolve.

Your survival mechanism really doesn’t know the difference between the fear of quitting your job and the fear of your physical safety being compromised. That survival part of your brain just wants to keep you in the familiar zone, the safe zone.

I challenge you to hijack your own fear

What have you been feeling fearful about?:
Quitting your job?
Breaking up with that overdue fling?
Contacting an accomplished person?
Starting a new project?
Fundraising for a new endeavor?

Ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do going to harm me or push me?”
Once you know that answer, you know whether to run or to hijack your fear.

Hijacking Your Fear For The Legacy Of You,


  1. What are the top three things you fear the most right now?
  2. Which fear is each?  safety or unfamiliarity?
  3. Where or how can you hijack the fear?

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