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This month marks the 1-year anniversary of my move to my NYC Creative Space, aka office, and I love it here!

When I first made the transition from working out of my apartment to working out of my first legit commercial space, there were only three of us. I remember thinking, “What the hell have I committed to? There are only three of us…” the day we moved in. Well…1 year later and on any given day I have 7-8 people working out of the 680 square feet of start-up-space; that’s a growth of 166% in my first year alone and I anticipate even more growth over the next 365 days.

I have found that having a dedicated space for creation has proved to be remarkably productive. Something magical happens when you have a space devoted to a very specific set of activities. I am dedicated to the success of my team’s goals and acquiring a space for the specific purpose of creating meaningful work has been a catapult into a hyper-focused world for me. Of course, the universe and all my readers know the act of being focused is NOT my strong suit.

Now I look at having a creative sanctuary like this: A person can pray anywhere, but when he/she goes to a dedicated space for worship, he/she feels more connected to their fellow worshipers and intentions, which draws more people together.

So, on this anniversary of office I wish the same focus for you as my new space has brought me. What is the mission you want to achieve? Create for yourself a sanctuary to achieve it. Your sanctuary might be a desk in your apartment for drafting or a park bench for painting. It might be an office space you visit daily or a specific pair of headphones & playlist you use to anchor yourself. The point is, pick your space wisely. Having a sanctuary provides safety for your mind to be able to take risks and bring something new to the world.

Thank you Phoebe and Rob for being with me from the beginning of year #1 at our 5th Ave location!
I also want to give another bow of gratitude to Shak, Mar, Julian, Royce, Jared, and our transient colleagues for bringing us into the future of our own successes.

Here’s to the next 365 days of helping our clients and audiences leave meaningful legacies behind!

BONUS: Here is a video from the first day we moved in courtesy of Rob.

The Legacy of You - Welcome to the office

Creating A Sanctuary For The Legacy of You,


  1. What work do you want to complete?
  2. What can you do to create a sanctuary for bringing your work into reality?

After reading about my space are you interested in hearing about how my team and I can help you expand your legacy through outstanding hospitality and sales and intention training? Write me! Even if all you want is to simply allow me the honor of speaking with your team over lunch about the ways they can increase the value of your organization. Of course you can always swing by our Creative Space to say hello too! Just be sure to give me a head’s up.


*BTW – That is not a photo of my creative space…I love my space right now… But the photo is certainly is something I am aspiring to! And when you put out into the world what you want, you get closer to obtaining it!

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